Tablehunt Custom Made Tablelinens

TABLEHUNT’S Gourmet Apron is made from the same fabrics as the tablelinens, and is a one-size-fits-all design, unique because of the continuous three and a half yard adjustable neck and waist tie.  The Gourmet Apron uses a full yard of fabric, giving good body coverage, and is designed to be flattering to the wearer while cooking and entertaining guests in the kitchen.  TABLEHUNT also provides a child’s apron, proportionally smaller, in the same design.
Anjou - Cranberry, Melrose Damask
Children's Aprons, Storytime
Hope Chest Stripe - Antique, Prints
La Frutta (top) / Alessandra (bottom)
Black Stewart - Plaid in Prints
Pen Pal - Print
Bombay - Plaid in Prints
Pastoral Plaid - Linen, Prints
Old Mill Inn and Augusta
Chesapeake and Newstead - Poppy
Pastoral Plaid and Garden Lane
Juliet and Sweet Violets Vintage
La Petite Ferme - Lake and Spice
Assorted Florals, One Stripe
Assorted Florals, One Stripe, Prints
Assorted Plaids and Stripes, Prints

Custom Made Tablinens, Tablecloths, Tablerunners, Tailored Seats, Napkins and Placemats, Tea Towels, Platter Pads, Tea Cosies, Neckrolls, Gourmet Aprons, Christmas Tree Skirts and Socks,
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Phone/Fax: 860-435-9717
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