Tablehunt Custom Made Tablelinens

We believe that a custom order should fit our client’s particular needs.
Our products are frequently ordered in the sizes listed here, but are not limited.   We will need to know the table dimensions, and can then figure an appropriate size for a runner, tablecloth, napkin, and placemat in proportion to the table top.

All of our products can be adjusted in size.   All products may be laundered.

Please Contact Us with any questions, as we prefer to communicate with our customers directly regarding choices.   Pricing is determined by the size of the item, the fabric choice, linings, hem finish, plus any trimmings.

Sizes given in inches:
52 to 56 square
70 x 70 square
90 x 90 square
52/56 x 70 rectangle   
52/56 x 84    
52/56 x 108      
70 x 84/90      
70 x 108
70 x 126
70 x 144
70 x 160

70  round
90  round
108 round
120 round

Hem finish choices:   1/4”, 3/4”, or 5/4”.  Round tablecloths have 1/4” hems.
Applied Borders may be added in narrow bias of 1 to 2 inches.
Applied Borders of 3 to 5 inches may be added to squares and rectangles.
            (Applied Borders do not increase the size of the tablecloth.)
Extended Borders add additional width to the cloth on all sides, creating a larger width.

Cocktail             6” to 12” square
Luncheon         17” or 18” square
Dinner              20”, 21”, or 24”
Hem finish choices:  1/4", 3/4", or 5/4” on dinner napkins

Luncheon 14” x 18”   rectangular, oval, or wedge shapes
Dinner      14” x 20”   rectangular, oval, or wedge shapes
Placemats may be unlined, with 1/4", 3/4" or 5/4” hem,
                     may be lined with plain color broadcloth, or
                     may be reversible with two compatible fabrics of choice.

Gourmet Apron   30” x 30” with 3 1/2 yard adjustable neck/waist tie.  Aprons can be made  longer than 30”for taller persons.
Child’s Apron      20” x 20” with 2  1/2 yard adjustable neck/waist tie.

BAG DISPENSER   (Recycle plastic bags from this dispenser.) 7” diameter x 19” long
Tree Skirt, unlined, with cord trim                              54” round
Tree Skirt, lined or reversible, with cord trim           54” round
Christmas Socks, lined, with tassel trim                 16/17” long

NECKROLLS  Pillow form 6” x 13”,  with reversible cover 26” x 30”, with ribbon trim.
Reversible and lined with cotton batting.

Platter Pads               approx. 9” x 12”
Tea Pot Pad               approx 6” x 9”
Platter Runner           27” x 12 “ (for multiple hot dishes)

Buffet Platter Runners for serving hot or cold dishes are available in any runner size.  Prices are 75% above a basic, unlined runner and include cotton batting, the reversible fabric, and additional labor.

Basic runners are 13” to 20” wide, and can be any length, from 36” up to 128”or more.
Wide runners of 30” to 40” are useful on long tables, or any surface where a drop is  not desired on the sides.
Runners may be unlined, with 3/4” hem,
                         lined with broadcloth,  or
                         reversible to a compatible fabric.
Tassels are optional, and are attached with buttons for easy removal for laundry.

Available for side chairs in standard sizes.
Seats 17” to 21” wide by 15” to 18” deep, and 13” between back posts.
Arm chairs or unusual side chairs require a template to be made from measurements supplied by the client.  The template is a one-time charge for the pattern, which may be used for multiple chairs.

Fabrics include Duck, Prints, Damasks, and Linens.  All covers are lined with broadcloth.
The TAILORED SEAT may be reversible with a compatible fabric.

All Tea Cosies are lined with cotton batting.  The Domes have a tea-stain lining in most cases.  The Rounds are reversible to a companion fabric, and gather around the pot with ribbon trim.   Domes and Rounds are priced identically.

                          1 to 2 cup                         4 to 6 cup
Domes:            Small  8” x 12”                 Large  10” x 15”
Rounds:          Small  13” diameter        Large  16” diameter
Tea Pot Pad    approx. 6” x 9”

Please Contact Us for a custom size for larger tea pots.

Tea Pot Pad:
Fabrics of cotton, linen, or cotton/linen blend.
17” x 27” with 1/4" hem
20” x 30 “with 1/4" or 3/4" hem

Custom Made Tablinens, Tablecloths, Tablerunners, Tailored Seats, Napkins and Placemats, Tea Towels, Platter Pads, Tea Cosies, Neckrolls, Gourmet Aprons, Christmas Tree Skirts and Socks,
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