Tablehunt Custom Made Tablelinens


Belgian, Czechoslovakian and Russian Tablelinens

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Belgian Linen - Hotelin
Belgian Linen, Hotelin in Lapiz
Belgian Linen, Hotelin in Wine
Belgian Linen, Hotelin in Light Green
Belgian Linen, Hotelin in Sienna
Light Green
Belgian Linen, Hotelin in Optical White
Optical White
Hotelin - Color Card

Belgian Linen - Fine Linen
Belgian Linen, Fine Linen in Cobalt Blue
Belgian Linen, Fine Linen in Optical White
Belgian Linen, Fine Linen in Ponza
Cobalt Blue
Optical White

Belgian Linen - Tissue Linen

Czechoslovakian Linen - Medium Weight Linen
Czechoslovakian Linen in Sky Blue
Czechoslovakian Linen in Celadon
Czechoslovakian Linen in NaturalFlax
Czechoslovakian Linen in Sage
Sky Blue
Natural Flax
Czechoslovakian Linen - Color Card

Russian Linen - Windowpane
Russian Linen Windowpane
Russian Linen Windowpane
Russian Linen Windowpane
Russian Linen Windowpane
Russian Linen Windowpane
WINDOWPANE 100% LINEN with Hemstitch Grid available in White or Flax (dark wet sand) in two widths: 50" with 4" hem OR 56" with 1" hem. Choose embroidery color--white, flax, red.

50 x 50       50 x 100       50 x 128       50 x 150
56 x 56       56 x 112       56 x 139       50 x 166

Plain (hemstitch only)   
8 Embroideries (2 each corner)   
12 Embroideries (3 each corner)     
Extended Border (6" double hem), plain hemstitch 70" wide. Please request length.  

TABLECLOTHS MAY BE ORDERED IN ANY LENGTH in multiples of 7" on 50" width, or multiples of 9" on 56" width. For a custom-size cloth, please state the width (50 or 56) and desired length. (Add table length plus 2 times the drop to the chair--ex. 84"+ 10"+ 10"= 104".) TABLEHUNT will add inches for shrinkage allowance.

DINNER NAPKINS                22"x 22", 1" hem    
Plain (hemstitch only)    
One Embroidered Motif (center)     
4 Embroideries (1 each corner)  
5 Embroideries (corners + center)     

SMALL SQUARE CLOTH       40"x 40"  
Center heavily embroidered    

RUNNERS     7.5" x 50" with embroidery  
Same color linen & embroidery--white with white; flax with flax--or red embroidery.  

PLACEMATS      14"x20"
4 Embroideries

14" x 22"  
17" x 23"  

Russian Linen - Jacquard Damask
Russian Linen Jacquard Damask
Russian Linen Jacquard Damask
Russian Linen Jacquard Damask

TOWELS    24" x 32" vertical
Light Blue, Medium Dark Blue, Red, Yellow,
Light Tan
Choose: Basket with Fruit
            Basket with Grapes
Sets of 6; one color, one design to the trade.

Colors: White, Ivory, Ecru, Silver Gray, Sky Blue,
Slate Blue, Light Green, Sage Green, Light Tan, Yellow

TABLECLOTHS       1" hem
55" square
67" square
67" x 84"
67" x 104"
67" x 122"
67" x 141"
67" x 157"
67" x 178"  

DINNER NAPKINS      21" x 21", 1" hem  

PLACEMATS      14" x 20", 1" hem

Custom Made Tablinens, Tablecloths, Tablerunners, Tailored Seats, Napkins and Placemats, Tea Towels, Platter Pads, Tea Cosies, Neckrolls, Gourmet Aprons, Christmas Tree Skirts and Socks,
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